Moon Phase Movies

Movies for Explaining the Phases of the Moon

The very best way to explain the phases of the Moon is with the model described in the planetarium show script, in the section titled "Explaining Phases of the Moon" with a light source and Moon balls. However, in large planetariums, handing out Moon balls may be impractical. To present this section of the show in a large planetarium, you may opt to use the movies below.

File contains two views of the Moon modelling experience, one from space and one from Earth. You can explain to the audience that the space view was created with a fixed camera outside the Earth-Moon system. The Earth view was created with a camera held by the person acting as Earth viewing the Moon. These two views side by side are an intriguing way for the audience to see what causes phases.

Files and are the same as file except that they have the Earth and space views separated for you to place anywhere you like on the dome.

File and show solar and lunar eclipses, respectively, and the b and c versions have views separated as described previously.

File sets 3 - 6 may be used optionally if you want to be able to show parts of the Moon cycle separately. (65.16MB) (91.90MB) (87.33MB) (22.62MB) (29.41MB) (37.74MB) (28.66MB) (43.37MB) (41.93MB) (8.39 MB) (11.85MB) (12.21MB) (6.76MB) (9.33MB) (8.91MB) (20.40MB) (20.40MB) (19.26MB) (23.91MB) (42.52MB) (38.42MB)