Journey to the Moon

Show Description:

Journey to the Moon, designed for children ages 4-6, aims for them to know what it would be like to travel to the Moon. Children observe a cycle of Moon phases and learn the names of the phases, enjoy a brief Moon Story, and then discuss how we could get there and what would we need to take with us. In preparation for a make-believe trip to the Moon, children don vests that are make-pretend space suits with air tanks on them. They see movies of real astronauts putting on space suits, the giant Saturn V rocket, and blast off in a pretend launch. They “experience” weightlessness, and look at Earth from space. The pretend 3-day excursion to the Moon is accomplished by the children marching in line out of the planetarium and making one orbit of the planetarium before re-entering. An adult leader leads the group, while the presenter changes the “set” in the planetarium to make it into a make-pretend Moon landscape, illuminating the planetarium with UV or unusual colored lights, and scattering some fake Moon rocks (foam rocks) around the floor. When the children re-enter the planetarium-as-the-Moon, they see video of what the Moon is like, astronauts hopping around, and collecting rocks. The children also hop around and collect the Moon rocks on the floor. They see a movie of the Lunar Rover and then liftoff and return safely to Earth.

Show sections:

    1. Watching The Moon’s Phases

    2. Moon Story

    3. How Do We Get There?

    4. Blast Off!

    5. What Is The Moon Like?

    6. On The Moon


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