Flying High

Show Description:

Flying High, designed for children ages 4 through 6, aims for the audience to know what it would be like to travel into space. First, outside the planetarium, the children observe an unexpected event. Looking at two human figures (dolls), one positioned close to them and the other far away from them, they are asked, “Which figure is larger?” They invariably guess the farther one is smaller, but when the two figures are brought together they are exactly the same size! This sets the stage for seeing how the sizes of things in the sky might be difficult to know. In the planetarium, children observe the Sun go across the sky in a day with time sped up. They imagine what they might be doing at different times of day. When night falls, they learn to identify the Big Dipper. In the rest of the program children see and discuss what it would be like to actually fly into space on a space ship. Movies of the space shuttle are used for illustration and to spark questions.

The parts of the Flying High show are:

    1. Far Away Things Look Small

    2. A Fast Day

    3. Finding the Big Dipper

    4. Rocket Launch

    5. Pitch, Roll, and Yaw

    6. Weightlessness

    7. Satellites

    8. Extravehicular Activity

    9. Shuttle Landing


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