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Download Star Maps for the Constellations Tonight Planetarium Show

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40 Deg North is the default map set included with the Constellations Tonight show script.

Copies of the show script can be obtained through Sky-Skan as part of the Interact!™ PASS Classic series.

Southern Hemisphere*

40 Deg North

Northern Hemisphere

* If you are presenting Constellations Tonight in the southern hemisphere,

you will have to modify the show script as follows:

    • In the Sky Map activity, where the script says

    • "...let's use the map to find the Little Dipper..."

    • we suggest you say instead

    • "...let's use the map to find the Southern Cross (or Crux)...."

    • Then change all references to"Ursa Minor," "North," and "northern" to

    • "Southern Cross (Crux)," "South," and "southern" respectively.

    • In the "Motion of the Stars" activity, change references to Big Dipper, Polaris, and North Star to Southern cross. You can mention the North Star as being a star that never moves in the northern hemisphere, but there is no equivalent bright star that never moves in the southern hemisphere. You can instead describe a method of finding the south celestial pole using the Southern Cross (Crux).

    • Finally, you'll need images and stories to go with southern constellations to replace "Versions of the Big Dipper" as optional section of the show.

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