Kepler Team

Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)

Faith Abney, DMC Phase E Project Manager

Marcus Durant, Accountant

Dorothy Fraquelli, Archive Scientist

Ronald Gilliland, Co-Investigator

David Grumm, DMS Software Engineer

Forrest Hamilton, Science Operations Specialist

Chris Heller, Lead DMC Software Engineer

Herb Kennedy, Archive Operations Specialist

Lynn Kozloski, Contracting Officer

Karen Levay, MAST Lead

Randy Thompson, Interface Developer

Shui-Ay Tseng, Database Administrator

Alexis Truitt, Archive Hotseat

Ball Aerospace

see also Kepler spacecraft plaques

Cary Ludtke, VP & General Manager, COS

Alan R. Frohbieter, VP-Operations COS & DEF

John Troeltzsch, Program Manager


David Acton, System Engineering

Vic Argabright, Flight System/ Subsystem Eng / Detectors

Eric Bachtell, Lead System/Mission Engineer

Bill Bensler, FPC/Mission System Engineer

Wayne Davis, Telecom Lead

Lynda Faulds, Contracts Manager

Denise Henry, Education and Public Outreach

Roger Lapthorne, Power Solar Array

Kipp Larson, Mission Operations

Charlie Schira, ADCS Lead

Jeff Pugliano, Flight SW

Dustin Putnam, ADCS

Beth Sholes, Principal Propulsion Engineer

Jeremy Stober, Mission Operations

Denny Teusch, Thermal Design / Analysis IPT Lead

Michelle Troeltzsch, FSW I&T Lead

Holly Wacker, Business Analyst

Deep Space Network

Julia Bell, Mission Interface Manager

Carol R Glazer, Kepler TTC SE

Gregory Hewitt, NOPE Team

Tina Kelley, PSS - DSN Scheduler

Amanda Kniepkamp, PSS - DSN Scheduler

Anthony G. Knight, NOPE Team

Susan Kurtik

Romulo Paredes, NOPE Team

Scott Riley, NOPE Mission Set D Lead

Lisa L. Rhoads, PSS - DSN Scheduler

Jose Valencia, NOPE

Jesse Velasco, NOPE team

Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)

Michelle Kelley, Deputy Flight Director (former)

Lucas Migliorini, Flight Ops Phase E

Jerel Moffat, Manager - System Test/Ops Software Lead

Michael Packard, Flight Director (former)

Bill Possel, MOC Project Manager

Lee Reedy, Deputy Flight Director

Sean Ryan, Flight Director

Education and Public Outreach (EPO)

Edna DeVore and Pamela Harman

SETI Institute

Alan Gould

Lawrence Hall of Science

University of California, Berkeley

Mark D. Messersmith,

EPO Support & LOC Conference Chair

Wendy Stenzel,

EPO Support & Graphics

Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)

Gary Blackwood, Exoplanet Exploration Program Manager

Magdalene Chang, JPL Project Resource Analyst

Brian Cooke, Project System Engineer

Nick Gautier, Project Scientist

Ingolf H Heinrichsen, Mission Manager EEPO

Try Lam, Navigation

Prem R. Menon, Navigation (former)

Charles P. Scott, Mission Manager EEPO (former)

Kendra Short, Deputy Exoplanet Exploration Program Manager

Padma Varanasi, DSN Mission Interface Manager