About PASS

Planetarium Activities for Successful Shows (PASS) is a planetarium project based at Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley. PASS is dedicated to development and dissemination of participatory planetarium programs—shows that involve students actively in the planetarium environment. The most effective programs are both entertaining and educational. Designed for both experienced planetarium instructors and teachers using a planetarium for the first time, PASS provides a wealth of ready-to-go ideas and practical suggestions for planning and presenting entertaining and educationally effective programs for students. When first developed, PASS was only available as hard copy print booklets of show scripts and visuals were only available separately as slides, with short movie clips for some shows available on tape or DVD.

Now the entire PASS series is available electronically as custom adaptations through three planetarium systems:

The Planetarium Educator's Workshop Guide introduces the theory and practice of developing effective participatory planetarium programs through a series of thought-provoking activities and discussions. The guide is available for free as PDF or web page. See also News/Updates for Planetarium Educator's Workshop Guide.