Digital Format

PASS has been adapted for users of these planetarium systems:

* Interact!™ PASS Classic” is a package available from Sky-Skan on 3 DVDs containing:

  • show script booklets (as PDFs) for 15 planetarium programs,
  • all visuals (still images, animations, and movie clips) included as electronic files,
  • materials, notes, setup, and associated pre/post classroom activities.
  • Planetarium Educators Workshop Guide
  • Activities for the Planetarium (activities shorter than full-blown shows)
  • Using Portable Planetariums (for audience participation programs)

Cost: $300 for 3 DVDs or $150 for each DVD.

For Hard Copy

Most of the original PASS books are out of print.
However, a few of the volumes are still available through
The Lawrence Hall of Science
Discovery Corner Store Online

Audience: Teachers and Planetarium Instructors
Age/Grade Level:
Grades K-12
Subject Area:
Astronomy and Space Science
Books, 30-70 pages each, b&w photos, illustrations
$11.95 / book